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CTSI: Pilot & Collaborative Translational & Clinical Studies Program


dr. mccarthy
Margaret M. McCarthy, PhD
Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Physiology
Secondary Appointments: Administration, Psychiatry
Location: 655 W. Baltimore St. BRB 4-008
Phone: (410) 706-2655
  Stephen B. Thomas, PhD, FAAHB
Professor,Department of Health Services Administration
Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity
Maryland Center for Health Equity
School of Public Health
University of Maryland, College Park


The primary goals of the Pilot and Collaborative Translational and Clinical Studies Program (PCTCSP) is to promote and support the development of new investigators across the full spectrum of translational research, engage established investigators to embrace research that addresses important clinical problems and potential solutions, thereby accelerating basic discovery to translation, create synergies through support of multidisciplinary research, and to build on our current strengths in community engagement and health outcomes research by specifically targeting resources for pilot studies in these areas. These goals will be achieved through 3 specific aims.

Many new investigators do not have the financial resources or an understanding of the barriers to obtaining federal funding for translational research. An annual, merit-based intramural grant competition will fund new investigators with scientifically outstanding proposals with translational emphasis in the ICTS-participating institutions. The competition will be focused on novel translational research to prevent complications of common chronic diseases across the lifespan. This program will provide both the necessary resources and mentored feedback in grant writing to facilitate achievement of research independence.

Many senior established investigators have not pursued translational research due to lack of funds and unfamiliarity with the translational process. An annual, merit-based intramural grant competition will fund scientifically outstanding proposals with translational emphasis to established investigators collaborating on multidisciplinary projects in the ICTS-participating institutions. This program will provide a forum for feedback and obtaining of funds specifically targeted towards achieving the goal of translational research.

Current Strengths

UM has is a thriving research environment in part because of numerous and varied sources of pilot funds for research initiatives. In addition to the new pilot studies proposed below, one of the functions of the PCTCS is to provide coordination among the programs (i.e. advertisement, electronic submissions, stable of peer reviewers) and additional resources to the existing programs in the form of reduced usage fees for core facilities for those projects with a clinical or translational component.

Intramural and Cross-Campus Pilot Funding Initiatives at the University Maryland