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CTSI: Compass Partners

compass PartnersThe Community Partners Advancing Science System (COMPASS) Community Partner Registry is a way for organizations in the community to be a part of medical research. Your organization can sign up online to tell us that it is interested in helping medical research studies recruit participants.

Researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, do studies dealing with many different diseases, including cancer, HIV, heart disease, and many others. We need all types of people—healthy and sick—to be in these studies. With your help, we can find out more about diseases and ways to prevent and treat them, so that our community can be healthier.

The COMPASS Community Partner registry is a list of organizations in the community who have signed up to show that they are interested in medical research. Our community partners include many different types of organizations: clinics, churches, businesses, charities, social groups, service groups, and others. By signing up for the COMPASS Community Partner Registry, your organization is telling us that it would like to help our researchers recruit participants for their studies.

Our researchers need your help finding the right kinds of people for their studies. Your organization can do this in several different ways. You can share with us the names of people you serve in the community. You can help us advertise in the community. You can make some of your other resources available to our researchers as they recruit. Or, you can do something else. Each study recruits in a different way, and how you help is up to you.

When you sign up, you will tell us your organization’s name, basic information about it, and its contact information. If you want, you can tell us a little about the people your organization serves in the community, and list ways that you feel like you may be able to help our researchers. Our researchers may then contact your organization in the future to ask for help.

Putting your organization’s name in the COMPASS Community Partner Registry does not mean that it has to help with a medical research study. It simply means that your organization wants to be contacted by researchers in the future. If you do not wish to help with a particular study, you can say ”No,” and you and everyone else in your organization will still get the same medical care and coverage you had before.