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To meet the information access, knowledge management, and support needs of our diverse research community, the University of Maryland CTSI has established the Research HARBOR (Helping Advance Research By Organizing Resources). The Research HARBOR has been designed to be an interactive, web-based portal allowing scientists to identify and access research support resources.

Resources include:

  • Tools and services for key University of Maryland CTSI functions
  • Access to our data warehouse
  • Help finding experts
  • Access to regulatory support
  • Educational and training opportunities


The Research HARBOR is segmented into three primary virtual spaces:

  • HARBOR University of Maryland CTSI Space: The University of Maryland CTSI Space provides general information about the University of Maryland CTSI, its purpose, leadership, resources, and functions. The University of Maryland CTSI space also provides research news and serves as the overarching University of Maryland umbrella under which the Research HARBOR is packaged and accessed.
  • HARBOR Community Space: The community space is a non-secure space in which members of the public, paraprofessional, and professional communities can access information about clinical and translational research information and resources. The Community space includes helpful links to information about participation in research, community engagement activities sponsored by the University of Maryland CTSI, and the COMPASS registries.
  • Researchers-Only Space: The Research HARBOR Researchers-Only Space houses the collection of data, tools, support services, and educational materials available to support University of Maryland CTSI scientists.

Highlights of Version 1.0 of the Research HARBOR

  • Regulatory: The Regulatory information port provides researchers with access to three core enterprise-wide applications that serve different regulatory functions:
    • CICERO - The University of Maryland IRB’s electronic protocol management system
    • COEUS - The pre- and post-award grants management application
    • The Web-RPR (Research Participant Registration) application that ensures financial compliance by making health care providers aware of patients’ participation in clinical trials and other research activities.
  • Data Warehouse (DW): The DW provides federated access to clinical data, genomic data, statewide data from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and health information exchange, and version 1.0 of our Biospecimen catalog. Clinical data sources include the University of MarylandMC Clinical Data Repository, containing encounter, laboratory, physician orders, procedures, and claims. HARBOR 1.0 DW clinical data has been limited to University of MarylandMC but will be expanded to include EMR data from the 12 University of Maryland Medical System member hospitals and from Geisinger Health System as part of subsequent phases. HARBOR version 1.0 includes data from January 1, 2007, through present and represents more than 500,000 unique individuals who have received care at University of Maryland Medical Center. Future versions of the Biospecimen catalog will include the University of Maryland Biobank/iPatient, Geisinger MyCode, the Amish Complex Disease and Wellness Program biobanks, and others.
  • Research HARBOR Support Services and the Navigator Program: In addition to the DW and the Toolbox, Research HARBOR version 1.0 also provides a robust suite of research support services that can be accessed on a fee-for-service basis. Services can be requested directly through the Research HARBOR interface and include genomics sequencing and analysis, biostatistics, data capture and management, data mining, analysis of Medicare and Medicaid datasets, and clinical trials support. Future versions will markedly expand this space to include integrated ports to request and access resources and services for all key functions of the University of Maryland CTSI.
  • Educational Resources: The Educational Resources area of the Research HARBOR provides information about the diversity of educational opportunities available across the University of Maryland CTSI that are relevant to clinical and translational research. It includes announcements about research seminars and workshops, degree programs, webinars, and internal and external funding opportunities.