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CTSI: Translational Genomics Integrated Core (TGIC)

The participating institutions of the CTSI are well positioned to be academic and health care provider leaders for personalized and genomic medicine. The goals of our Personalized and Genomic Medicine Initiative are to enable multidisciplinary research teams to:

  • Make and apply genomic discoveries to determine risk for common diseases (e.g., type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, psychiatric illness) and use this information to reduce morbidity, mortality and health care costs from these chronic diseases.
  • End diagnostic odysseys through whole genome sequencing in children and adults with rare undiagnosed disorders.
  • Discover new genetic tests that will allow physicians to select medications (pharmacogenomics) and diet (nutrigenomics) that will be the most effective and safe for a given patient to treat or prevent disease.
  • Identify new drug targets based on ‘omics’ discoveries.
  • Develop new paradigms for genome-informed clinical trials that will accelerate the process to FDA-approval of more effective drugs tailored for the patient.

Integrated services of the TGI Core will include:

  • Molecular genomics from DNA/RNA isolation, single genotypes to whole genome sequence; single gene expression to RNAseq; epigenomics, CHIPseq and related methods, and metagenomics.
  • CLIA-approved genomics from single genotypes to whole genome at the Translational Genomics Laboratory (TGL) for the conduct of genome-informed clinical trials, pharmacogenomics, etc.
  • Access to an array of large biobanks linked to the EHR and/or well-phenotyped research participants for genomic discovery, genome-informed clinical trials, and the study of implementation of personalized and genomic medicine into patient care across diverse health care systems.
  • Powerful bioinformatics resources to support the aforementioned services.