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Billing Policy

  1. Anesthetics and general surgical supplies used during the service period are included. Customer provides special supplies such as targeted and untargeted ultrasound contrast, and implants including telemetry transmitter, flowprobe, catheter, and vascular access port. A small number of implants is available for rent. Please contact us for rental information.

  2. While our success rate of survival surgery is similar to the leading labs in the field, we cannot guarantee the outcome once implanted animals are out of our facility.

  3. We offer discounts for multiple procedures that are similar in nature or for annual expenditures in excess of $5,000.

  4. Upon completion of work The Department of Physiology will email a detailed invoice for your review.  Upon review and approval, investigators and/ or administrators need only:

    1. Provide the project to be charged within the invoice provided

    2. Sign the invoice and return to the Department of Physiology

      1. The Physiology Department will process a Journal Entry (JE) in the amount specified on the invoice to the project indicated