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  • Scientific Core Facilities Fueling Cancer Center’s Success

    Kevin Cullen, M.D., Director, Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center discusses the important role the Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources (CIBR) have played in the Cancer Center’s success.

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Flow & Mass Cytometry Facility (SOM/CVD)


The primary goal of the CVD flow cytometry/cell sorting Core Laboratory is to ensure that University of Maryland investigators whose research projects require the use of a flow cytometer have access to such instrumentation. As this equipment is very expensive and very time-consuming to become trained on, it is much more efficient to have a facility with a dedicated operator(s) to run the equipment. Established in 1991, this facility has state-of-the-art equipment and a highly-trained and experienced staff.

szteinMarcelo Sztein, MD

HSF I, Room 456
(410) 706-5328


Services We Offer

  • Characterization of cell subpopulations
  • Measurement of intracellular cytokine levels and other molecules
  • Measurement of serum/supernatant cytokine levels
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Determination of apoptosis in individual cells
  • Measurement of expression of green fluorescence protein (GFP)
  • Physical isolation of cell subpopulations

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