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Useful Links

  • ZEISS Campus - Online resource for education in microscopy and
    digital imaging.

  • ZEISS Dye and Filter Database - A comprehensive list of the excitation and emission properties of fluorescent dyes, including an interactive dye and filter database.

  • ImageJ - Free image processing and analysis software.

  • WikiScope - A public forum for microscopy, spectroscopy, and bioimaging.

  • - A website for news in the field of microscopy.

  • Confocal Listserv - A list server for all things related to confocal microscopy.

    Joining the Confocal Listserver 

    • Send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU.
    • Include the following line: "SUBSCRIBE CONFOCAL firstname lastname".
    • Note that this message will be read by a machine, not a human. You'll receive a standard message from the listserver explaining how to send a confirmation message, after which you'll be on the list. The archives of the confocal listserver are available at the Listserver Web Site.
    • There is also a two-photon microscopy listserver: connect to the 2-photon Web Site to find out how to subscribe.
    • Click here to get information about how to use Listserver commands.