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Protein Analysis Lab

What We Do

The Protein Analysis Lab provides multiple technologies for the purification and analysis of proteins, peptides and small molecules. Mass Spectrometry is used for intact protein mass determination, protein identification, quantitative global protein profiling and targeted quantification of peptides and small molecules. HPLC techniques are used for analysis or purification of biomolecules and include ion exchange, hydrophilic interaction, size-exclusion, and reversed phase chromatography and affinity chromatography.

Investigators interested in purifying, identifying or quantifying biomolecules should contact the PAL Resource Facility to discuss your project.

Major Equipment

  • Thermo LTQ Orbitrap high resolution, high mass accuracy mass spectrometer
  • Thermo LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer
  • Accela 600 UHPLC
  • Leap HTS PAL robotic sample handler
  • 2 Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC systems
  • 2 Waters 2996 photodiode array detectors
  • Sutter P-2000 capillary laser puller
  • Beckman Biomek robotic liquid handler
  • Hielsher Ultrasound sonicator

Publication Acknowledgement Guidelines

If you are using data generated by the PAL for a publication, it is requested that you consider carefully whether to acknowledge or include as authors the PAL staff involved in generating the data. Please consider authorship when appropriate, as it is highly valuable in professional development of the Resource Facility staff and recognizes the significant support of the Resource Facilities by the School of Medicine.

  • Acknowledgement – Any data generated by the PAL that is used for publication, either in the manuscript or as supplementary data made available by the publisher of the manuscript must contain the following in the acknowledgments (or equivalent) section of the manuscript:
    “We thank the University of Maryland School of Medicine Protein Analysis Laboratory and staff for their contribution to this publication.”
  • Authorship – The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) has published guidelines to help in this determination. “Recommended Guidelines for Authorship on Manuscripts

Hampton_BrianBrian Hampton,
Program Director
(410) 706-8207
7-018, Bressler Research Building
655 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Services We Offer

  • Protein Identification
  • Quantitative Global Protein Profiling
  • Targeted Quantification
  • Intact Protein Mass Determination
  • HPLC Purification and Analysis

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