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Group Leader - Paul Wilder, Ph.D.
As the Target Validation & Screening Group Leader in the Center for Biomolecular Therapeutics (CBT) since its inception in the summer of 2011, and as the Associate Director of the University of Maryland Greenbaum Cancer Center (UMGCC) HTS Share Service (SS) since 2008, Dr. Wilder’s role is to provide high throughput screening (HTS) technology and assay development and validation experience that he has accumulated in both his 7 years in academia and another 7 years in Biotechnology industry. Previously, in his industrial experience he developed and performed assay to assure the purity and efficacy of both biologic and cellular therapeutics using ELISA, FACS, cell separation/purification, and stem cell culture. In his Ph.D. training, he performed biochemical and biophysical studies using a wide range of techniques including protein structural studies, cellular and molecular biology including NMR, fluorescence spectrophotometry, ITC, and protein purification. Then during postdoctoral training Dr. Wilder’s focused on structural based drug design and HTS using laboratory automation systems that eventually lead to a position as the Associate Director of the HTS SS. With the forming of the CBT, the HTS SS has become the basis of the TVS group contributing knowledge, equipment, and compound libraries necessary to validate targets, develop assay, and find small molecule perturbagens that may lead to new cancer therapeutics.

Dr. Wilder is directly responsible for maintaining the equipment in the HTS including the automated liquid handling equipment and fluorescent plate readers. Dr. Wilder oversee the small compound libraries to assure the highest quality of the compounds are available, preventing contamination, and allowing tracking the compounds and dilutions to allow the user to reorder the correct compounds if needed. The screens may be directly performed by Dr. Wilder, but he will alternatively train users on the equipment and assist in moving the researchers’ assay from the bench-top to a high throughput format.

Research Assistant - Deborah Green, B.S.
Deborah Green has been with the University of Maryland Greenbaum Cancer Center (UMGCC) HTS Share Service (SS) since 2010, and has been a part of the Center for Biomolecular Therapeutics (CBT) Target Validation & Screening (TVS) group since its inception in the summer of 2011. Previously, Ms. Green worked for the cellular therapeutic company Osiris Therapeutics. As full time research assistant, Ms. Green performs day-to-day laboratory operations including the maintenance of multiple cell lines, preparing solutions, media, stains and buffers, ordering supplies, monitoring the budget, ensuring quality control, and writing/following standard operating procedures.