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Writing a Research Paper

Scientific Writing Course (6 session course)

This 6-week, interactive course is intended for junior faculty who are ready to begin drafting a research paper and are interested in learning how to craft their paper. This class combines didactic instruction with participant presentations of selected aspects of their own papers. Participants must have obtained the data needed to develop a scientific paper. This class covers the following subjects: planning to write a research paper; writing the major sections of a scientific paper, including the Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Abstract; and understanding the publication process. Participants must commit to attend and actively participate in all 6 sessions.  

Target audience: UMB Junior faculty

Publish, Don’t Perish!

How to Write and Publish a Biomedical Research Paper (½ day)

This workshop is targeted to all residents, fellows, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty with an interest in learning how to write and publish a scientific research paper. Subjects that are addressed include: Understanding the Structure and Content of a Research Article (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion); Tips for Effective Writing; Successfully Navigating the Publication Process; and Ethical Considerations.  

Target audience: UMB Junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, residents and graduate students