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Brain Science Research Consortium Unit (BSRCU)

The Brain Science Research Consortium Unit (BSRCU) is the first RCU stemming from the University of Maryland School of Medicine Accel-MED Initiative.

Created to improve alignment of research ongoing in the basic and clinical departments, as well as to promote a robust transdisciplinary effort, the BSRCU includes senior basic and clinical faculty with a common goal to answer "big science" questions in key areas of neuroscience research.

These collaborative opportunities will help to disband organizational silos and combine individuals, leading in their fields, into one unit. Click here for our mission and charges. 


In addition to monthly meetings, we have been meeting in smaller working groups to define areas of focus for the Consortium. We welcome participation in the BSRCU, and invite you to join us by clicking HERE.


Please contact us for questions, or for information on how to become involved with this important SOM initiative.