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As the principle facility for the performance of many of the new complex operative simulations, MASTRI provides an environment that is designed to both look and feel like real patient care areas including operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, recovery rooms, labor and delivery. Every effort is made to replicate the clinical environment encountered by the learner. Therefore, standard clinical equipment, including monitors, anesthesia carts and iv poles, intravenous pumps, pressure transducers, and supplies are available to the learner in all simulation areas. Additional acquired equipment includes fiberoptic scopes, anesthesia carts, defibrillator, code carts, functional OR bed, and a glidescope to make the operating room appear as realistic as possible.

Each simulation room is also separated from its dedicated control room by one-way glass.

Virtual reality simulators

Multiple types of virtual reality devices are available to teach procedures such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and robotic surgery as well as various ultrasound techniques.

CAE’s Accu touch and Simbionix endoscopy simulator and two HapticaProMis virtual reality(VR) laparoscopic trainers are available.

Sim man and various human patient simulators

The MASTRI center houses a complete array of human patient simulation systems by Laerdal and METI to include HPS and two ECS manikins and two SimMan systems.

Both of the HPS systems include full trauma and anesthesia simulation capabilities.

The SimMan systems are both wired and wireless. Further, the center has Megacode kid, three SimBabies, and SimNewB. Other simulators include two Noelles, and Baby Hal.

Partial Task Trainers

‌MASTRI also possesses a number of partial task trainers, including arterial line and central line trainers for both adults and pediatric patients, venous access for adult and pediatric patients, airway management trainers, PICC line trainer, foley trainers, birthing trainers, and lumbar puncture back trainers.  Various task trainers are also utilized for procedure and clinical skills workshops, including systems for central line insertion, chest tube insertion, cricothyrotomy, diagnostic peritoneal lavage, and ultrasound for incorporation into the current courses.

Mechanical Trainers

Multiple trainer stands (developed with industry) provide advanced workstations for laparoscopic (specific) and general clinical skills development, assessment and training. Further, a few mechanical models for surgical Abdominal wall, Herniorraphy, Gastric sleeve, and abdominal wall w/birthing surgical uterus have been developed/patented in MASTRI.

IT System

The MASTRI Center is extremely technologically advanced with futuristic sensibility.  MASTRI utilizes the following advanced videoconferencing system and network infrastructure to  facilitate teleconferencing and telemontoring: 

  • Learner Tracker (developed at MASTRI): Used to track learner attendance and generate reports in a paperless system.
  • Moodle, Blackboard, and the ACS E-pER systems: All learning management, content, and research management systems.
  • Limesurvey: Used to generate surveys (opensource version of Survey Monkey)
  • Gallery: An A/V multimedia systems
  • Reference Manager: A reference management system
  • Video/Audio systems: Various DVR, Stryker Conferencing, and wireless computational systems including a casually aligned self calibrating video wall is available for us in MASTRI
  • Advanced 3D immersive technologies: MASTRI has peroperative planning systems to generate 3D immersive worlds, (haptic pens, pinch gloves, 3D tracking system etc.). Further, MASTRI has its own capacity for rapid prototyping with its own RPS printer.

Video and audio obtained in MASTRI are done with consents from students, residents, faculty or staff. Patients or outside users are provided with specific consents as needed.   Individuals involved in research MUST have IRB consent.  

Images, audio, video and other identifying information are disposed through means that render the associated media irretrievable.