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Fellow Appointments

Fellow Appointment and Reappointment Processes


A new University of Marland School of Medicine Scholar Fellow policy was implemented in July 2013.  You can access the policy on the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars website.   



The following templates and guidelines are based on this policy. 

   Fellow offer letter template 

   Fellow reappointment template

The process for appointing a new fellow  regardless of title is as follows: 

Send the following attached to an email to Cindy Garnett ( the following as ONE scanned document: 

- Fellow appointment offer/approval letter signed by Department Chair or Institute/Center/Program Director (whichever is applicable) and accepted by fellow. 

- CV certification  

- CV 

- Salary sheet  

- SOM Demographic and Contact Information Form  


OAA will review the documents and either send back the signed approval letter or contact you with questions/issues that need to be resolved. 

If there are corrections to be made, you will need to scan the complete packet back to Cindy with corrections. 

The letter signed by the Dean's Office can be used as documentation to process payroll.  


Process to reappoint an existing fellow: 

- Develop a reappointment letter and have it signed by the appropriate chair/director and signed by fellow and if there is a salary change, send a copy with the payroll form to OAA. 


Frequently Asked Quesitons: