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Student Profiles

Meet our Students

Nguyen Thumbnail 

Thao Nguyn

Why do you want to be a doctor? 

"I wanted to be in a profession where there is lifetime learning and impact people’s lives in a positive way. I wanted a school with a diverse patient population that was close to my family."

Meet Thao 

Adebayo Thumbnail 

Omoyemi "Yemi" Adebayo

What have you enjoyed most about medical school? 

"Without hesitation, I would say that the best part of medical school has been meeting all of the amazing people whom I have come to call my close friends."

Meet Yemi 


Ashina Deepika Singh

Why do you want to be a doctor? 

"When I was a sophomore in college, my aunt was diagnosed with end-stage colon cancer. I will never regret the choice I made to stay by her side."

Meet Ashina 

Nelson Thumbnail 

Jonas Nelson

What do you think of the research opportunities for students? 

"There are excellent research opportunities at the School of Medicine. Those who purse research are able to find funding through summer grants designed by the Office of Student Research."

Meet Jonas  

Michael Thumbnail 

Sara Michael

Do you know what your speciality will be? 

"I think Radiology will be my specialty. I really like this field because it is like being a detective, and you learn so much about the pathology and physiology of medicine."

Meet Sara