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E-mail Policies

  • The standard size for a School of Medicine mailbox is 2 GB (gigabytes); the maximum message size is 30720 KB (30MB). Once your mailbox reaches 1948 MB (1.9GB) you will receive e-mail notifications that you are close to the mailbox limit. After 2 GB, you will not be able to send mail. We will not restrict e-mail receipt. Please make it routine practice to clean out your mailbox including the inbox, all of its subfolders, and the Sent Items folder. Remember to empty your deleted items folder, save attachments on your hard drive or in your network folder and archive old mail items that you may need later. These steps will ensure that you don't exceed the mailbox limit. Feel free to contact the helpdesk at 6-3998 for instructions on archiving your mailbox.In the event you need additional space temporarily, send a written request to the helpdesk, signed by your manager. The request should include how much additional space is needed and for how long. Requests for additional space are not guaranteed and will depend on the amount of space available on the server.
  • Information Services will not forward an active SOM e-mail account.  
  • We will no longer forward e-mail for terminated employees. E-mail is legally the property of the School of Medicine; all employees will be responsible for cleaning out any personal e-mail items from your mailbox folders. Any business related e-mail should be backed up or archived for the appropriate person before the mailbox is eliminated.
  • Custom Recipient addresses (external e-mail addresses) that are returned as Undeliverable will generate a notification to the Department Administrator. After 7 days with no success or response, that custom recipient address will be deleted.
  • To request a new network and e-mail account, the department’s account requestor needs to fill out a new account request form and e-mail it to the help desk (  
  • To access SOM email from a mobile device, you must be aware of the Mobile device policy and compliant with the required Policy Settings on Mobile Devices.