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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Primary Faculty

Ambulos, Nicholas Jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Awad, Ola A , Ph.D., Research Associate
Azad, Abdu F , Pharm.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., Professor
Boisen, Nadia , Ph.D., Visiting Research Associate
Bruno, Vincent , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Carbonetti, Nicholas H , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Carey, Gregory B , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Carneiro da Silva, Joana , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ceraul, Shane M , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Chibucos, Marcus C , Ph.D., Research Associate
DasSarma, Shiladitya , Ph.D., Professor
Davila, Eduardo , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ezelle, Heather J , Ph.D., Research Associate
Feldman, Ricardo A , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Feng, Chiguang , Ph.D., Research Associate
Flajnik, Martin F , Ph.D., Professor
Frieman, Matthew B , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Gade, Padmaja , Ph.D., Research Associate
Gajer, Pawel , Ph.D., Research Associate
Garzino-Demo, Alfredo , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Geng, Degui , Ph.D., Research Associate
Gillespie, Joseph J , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hansen, Anne-Marie , Ph.D., Research Associate
Hassel, Bret A , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Hazen, Tracy H , Ph.D., Research Associate
Hotopp, Julie C , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Kalakonda, Sudhakar , Ph.D., Research Associate
Kalvakolanu, Dhan V , Ph.D., Professor
Kamin-Lewis, Roberta M , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Kaper, James B , Ph.D., Professor
Keegan, Achsah D , Ph.D., Professor
Latinovic, Olga S , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Lewis, George K , Ph.D., Professor
Livak, Ferenc , M.D., Assistant Professor
Ma, Bing , Ph.D., Research Associate
Mongodin, Emmanuel F , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Moudgil, Kamal D , M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Nallar, Shreeram C , Ph.D., Research Associate
Ota, Yuko , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Pavlova, Nadejda V , Ph.D., Research Associate
Pedra, Joao H.F , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Perkins, Darren J , Ph.D., Research Associate
Piao, Wenji ,, Research Associate
Rahman, Mohammed S , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Rasko, David A , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ravel, Jacques , Ph.D., Professor
Robb, Frank T , Ph.D., Professor
Rorke, Ellen A , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Sacci, John B , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Sannegowda, Kumar M , Ph.D., Visiting Research Associate
Schmaljohn, Alan L , Ph.D., Professor
Schulze, Dan H, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Shirey, Kari Ann , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Singh, Nevil J , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Tettelin, Hervé , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Toshchakov, Vladimir Y , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Trotta, Rossana , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Vasta, Gerardo R , Ph.D., Professor
Vogel, Stefanie N , Ph.D., Professor
Webb, Tonya J , Ph.D., Assistant Professor