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Combination Vaccines

CVD laboratory investigators are developing live, oral combination vaccines based on attenuated bacterial strains. These include: a Salmonella Typhi-based DTP vaccine; an S. Typhi-based malaria vaccine; and a Shigella-based Shigella-enterotoxigenic E. coli vaccine. Several Phase 1 clinical trials of prototype carrier vaccine strains (S. Typhi-hepatitis B, S. Typhi-tetanus, Shigella-ETEC) have been conducted by CVD clinical investigators.

Trials of vaccine vectors developed outside the CVD include recombinant BCG administered intradermally, recombinant adenovirus administered orally, and Streptococcus gordonii administered by throat swab. Finally, the CVD has conducted Phase 2 clinical trials of pentavalent (DTP-Hib-IP) and hexavalent (DTaP-Hib-IPV-HepB) pediatric vaccines in both the United States and in Chile.