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Vaccinology Course 2017

The CVD's bi-annual Vaccinology course (PREV 627) started 23 January 2017. The course consists of a series of lectures on a variety of vaccinology topics including:

  • Strategies for vaccine development
  • Pre-clinical evaluation
  • Human clinical trials
  • Current immunization schedules
  • Economics of vaccine development and public health intervention

Special lectures will address highly debated issues of current interest such as vaccine safety, public perception of vaccines, and emerging infectious diseases (e.g., Ebola and Zika). Lectures are presented by experts in the field recruited from industry, academia, and government.

Classes will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 AM in the HSF II Auditorium, unless otherwise specified.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge in the field of vaccinology. A certificate of training will be provided to those who attend regularly.


Scientific communication is an essential component of vaccinology. Communication must be accurate and sufficiently interesting to engage readers.

Each student wrote a blog, on a topic of interest, with the goal of informing the technical and lay community. Click the link to read the best submittal.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s Impact on Global Immunization


History of Vaccines and Immunization
23 January 2017
Mike Levine, MD, DTPH
Yellow Fever and Max Theiler: the only Nobel Prize for virus vaccine
Vaccines and Vaccinations in Historical Perspective

How and Why Vaccines are Made
25 January 2017
Stanley A. Plotkin, MD

Vaccine Safety
30 January 2017
Neal Halsey, MD

Clinical Evaluation Phases 1, 2, 3, 4
1 February 2017
Matt Laurens, MD, MPH

Systems Biology and Vaccination
6 February 2017
John Tsang, PhD

Innate Immunity and Adjuvants
8 February 2017
Alan Cross, MD

Role of Regulatory Agencies in Vaccine Testing and Licensure
13 February 2017
Norman W. Baylor, PhD

Clinical Trials in the Developing World and Ebola Vaccine Development
15 February 2017
Milagritos Tapia, MD

Domestic and International Vaccine Policy
20 February 2017
Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH

Vaccines and Immune Effector Mechanisms
22 February 2017
Marcelo B. Sztein, MD

Rotavirus and Rotavirus Vaccines
27 February 2017
Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH

Vaccines and Public Perception
1 March 2017
Paul Offit, MD

Ethical and Regulatory Issues Surrounding Clinical Research
6 March 2017
Robert Edelman, MD
What Makes Clinical Research Ethical?

Public Health Value of Vaccines
8 March 2017
Brad Gessner, MD, MPH

Student Presentations
13 March 2017

Student Presentations
15 March 2017

Pediatric and Adolescent Vaccines
29 March 2017
Andrea Berry, MD

Vaccines for the Elderly Population
3 April 2017
Wilbur Chen, MD, MS

Vaccine Policy Hepatitis B and HPV Vaccines
5 April 2017
Jim Campbell, MD

Malaria Vaccines
10 April 2017
Chris Plowe, MD, MpH

Vaccines Against Enteric Bacteria
12 April 2017
Karen Kotloff, MD

Cholera Vaccines
17 April 2017
Jim Kaper, PhD

Influenza Vaccines
19 April 2017
Wilbur Chen, MD, MS

Sex Differences in Responses to Viral Vaccines
24 April 2017
Sabra Klein, PhD

Vaccines Against Tuberculosis
26 April 2017
Yuka Manabe, MD

Tropical Disease Vaccines
1 May 2017
Kirsten Lyke, MD

Maternal Immunization
3 May 2017
Marcela Pasetti, PhD

Vaccines Against Emerging & Re-emerging Viruses
8 May 2017
Monica McArthur, MD, PhD

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines
10 May 2017
Kate O'Brien, MD