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Vaccine Research

  • Pre-licensure immunogenicity trials of a Meningococcal A vaccine in approximately 10,000 subjects
  • Phase 4 post-licensure randomized clinical trials of rotavirus vaccine in infants
  • Study of a booster dose of rotavirus vaccine in infants
  • Population-based surveillance of invasive bacterial pathogens, S. pyogenes and rheumatic heart disease
  • Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health (PERCH) study of severe pneumonia among children 0 to 59 months
  • Surveys using body fluids and interviews to estimate age-specific susceptibility to measles, Hib, and tetanus among infants, toddlers, and adults in Mali and Ethiopia
  • Phase 4 trial to assess efficacy of the maternal influenza vaccination in preventing influenza in mothers and their infants
  • GEMS and VIDA studies to identify etiology of severe diarrhea before and after rotavirus vaccine introduction
  • Ebola vaccine trials in adults and children