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Vaccine Development

  • CVD 103-HgR – Single-dose live oral cholera vaccine licensed by the US FDA and manufactured by PaxVax
  • CVD 909 – Live typhoid vaccine expressing Vi antigen constitutively.
  • CVD 1902 – S. Paratyphi A as a live oral vaccine (Phase 1 completed.
  • CVD 908-htrA – Single-dose live oral typhoid vaccine that proved to be well-tolerated and immunogenic in Phase 2 trials and has been used as a live vector.
  • Pentavalent Shigella vaccine (prototype, S. flexneri 2a CVD 1208S completed phase 2 with GMP lots; human challenge concept pending)
  • Combination live vector Shigella-ETEC oral vaccine. New generation awaiting Phase 1.  
  • CVD 909 plus CVD 1902. CVD 909 and CVD 1902 are being proposed as a bivalent oral enteric fever combination vaccine.
  • The quadrivalent Shigella oral vaccine will consist of attenuated S. flexneri 2a, S. flexneri 3a, S. flexneri 6 and S. sonnei. Prototype attenuated S. flexneri 2a strain CVD 1208S has been evaluated in Phase 2 as a live oral vaccine. The pentavalent version will include an attenuated S. dysenteriae 1 vaccine strain.
  • Non-typhoidal salmonella (NTS) bivalent conjugate in partnership with Bharat Biotech International of Hyderabad, India and the Wellcome Trust (pre-clinical)
  • Attenuated salmonella vaccines (pre-clinical).
  • Nosocomial vaccines (pre-clinical).
  • Tularemia, live-attenuated (pre-clinical).
  • NTS live oral vaccine – Attenuated strains of S. Typhimurium and S. Enteritidis have been prepared to serve as a bivalent live oral vaccine approach to prevent invasive NTS disease and perhaps also NTs gastroentreritis.
  • S. Typhi live vector-based live oral Clostridium difficile vaccine. Expression of putative protective antigens of C. difficile in an attenuated S. Typhi live vector.
  • Anthrax, plague & tularemia vaccines. Various biodefense vaccines.
  • pMSINH –  New measles DNA vaccine for very young infants in developing countries. This is based on a Sindbis replicon that encodes the H antigen protein of measles virus.