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September 2017

Fabien Fuche, PhD, Ousmane Sow, Raphael Simon, PhD, and Sharon Tennant, PhD co-authored Salmonella Serogroup C: Current Status of Vaccines and Why They Are Needed, September 2017.

RosaÃngela Salerno-Goncalves, PhD, David Lou, Tasmia Rezwanul, and Marcelo B. Sztein, MD were among the co-authors on Use of a Novel Antigen Expressing System to Study the Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi Protein Recognition by T cells, 5 September 2017.

August 2017

Marcelo Sztein, MD, Karen Kotloff, MD, were among co-authors on Identification of Immune Correlates of Protection in Shigella Infection by Application of Machine Learning, 9 August 2017.

Ellen Higginson, PhD, Sunil Sen, Courtney Matson, Jasnehta Permala-Booth, Louis, and Sharon Tennant, PhD were among co-authors on Virulence of Invasive Salmonella Typhimurium ST313 in Animal Models of Infection, 4 August 2017.

Karen Kotloff, MD, Myron (Mike) M. Levine, MD, DTPH, and Kathleen Neuzil, MD, MPH were among co-authors on The Typhoid Vaccine Acceleration Consortium (TyVAC): Vaccine Effectiveness Study Designs: Accelerating the Introduction of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccines and Reducing the Global Burden of Enteric Fever. Report from a Meeting held on 26–27 October 2016, Oxford, UK, 1 August 2017.

Karen Kotloff, MD authored The Burden and Etiology of Diarrheal Illness in Developing Countries, August 2017.

Elizabeth Rotrosen, BA and Kathleen Neuzil, MD, MPH co-authored Influenza: A Global Perspective, August 2017.

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