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Mini-Med School

Oh no, I need a shot!

Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH, Director of the Center for Vaccine Development delivered an important message about vaccines to the young audience attending the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Kids Mini-Med School. Dr. Neuzil spoke to a group of five to 12 year olds from the Salvation Army’s Franklin Square Boys & Girls Camp in West Baltimore. Her remarks came during National Immunization Awareness Month and as children across the world prepare for a new school year, vaccinations on the back-to-school list for many.

Dr. Neuzil explained what a vaccine is, why people are vaccinated, who should get vaccinated, and how vaccines work. The group played a game to demonstrate how quickly measles can spread through a community and how vaccines stop the chain of infection. The children quickly saw how the numbers of people infected decreased as the number vaccinated increased.

A seven-year old summed it up well, “I am kind of scared on shots, but I am glad I got my shots so I don’t get sick.” Another child noted, “if you get vaccinated, it helps others not get sick.”

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