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Zika Global to Local

Addressing the Epidemic from an International and Interprofessional Lens

Presented by the Law & Health Care Program and the UMB Center for Global Education Initiatives
A panel discussion on Zika vaccine trials taking place on campus, public health preparedness measures, emergency
medicine response to Zika, and the perspective of the Costa Rican Ambassador to the United States

Dr. Roman Macaya, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States.
Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, Director, Center for Vaccine Development at University of Maryland School of Medicine.
CVD has been chosen as one of three study sites in a human safety trial of a new Zika vaccine.
Dr. Jon Mark Hirshon, Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and in the Department of
Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and co-author of “Zika Virus:
Critical Information for Emergency Providers.”
Professor Michael Greenberger, Professor at Maryland Carey Law and Director of the University of Maryland
Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS) who is working with governmental clients on Zika concerns.
Professor Leslie Meltzer Henry, Professor at Maryland Carey Law and co-investigator on Wellcome Trustfunded
project to develop ethical and legal guidance

33rd Annual Public Health Career Fair

Johns Hopkins University
School of Public Health

Recruiting Public Health's Best
3 March 2017

Why Do Myths About Vaccines Persist?

WYPR Podcast
By Sheilah Kast and Maureen Harvie

Despite extensive scientific evidence, myths persist about the safely of vaccines, and their connection to autism. What impact do these misperceptions have on autism research?

Dr. Kathy Neuzil, Director of the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Vaccine Development, explains the concept of herd immunity.

CVD Director Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH (left) was On the Record with Sheilah Kast.

Listen to the podcast on Why Do Myths About Vaccines Persist?

Towson High School

Postdoc Ellen Higginson, PhD spoke to 200 Towson High School students on Global Health in a Connected World.

Learn move about Ellen's research.