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Department Wins Patient Safety Award

The Maryland Medicine Comprehensive Insurance Program (MMCIP) recently awarded their inaugural Patient Safety Award to the Department of Anesthesiology by DePriest Whye, Chief Executive Office of MMCIP. ‌MMCIP has been ‌ working with all FPI practices to strengthen their safety and quality programs, and has recently implemented a process to reward departments with exemplary patient safety programs, excellent outcomes, and a track record of quality care. 

Dr. Megan Anders, Chief Patient Safety and Quality Officer, noted the honor of the achievement and that “we are very pleased that MMCIP has recognized our department’s hard work and leadership in patient safety, and we are very excited about the projects we can pursue with the award funds.” MMCIP awarded the Department with $100,000, which will be used to fund specific patient safety and quality efforts.

Allison Enterline, Quality and Patient Safety Manager, has also been instrumental in helping to build the department’s safety and quality program, and her work and dedication to patient safety have been essential to establishing such a strong safety and quality program. Ms. Enterline notes, “Our clinicians make patient safety a priority every day, so I’m excited to strengthen our support for those efforts using the award funds.”