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APT Partners

Department Type Contact 
Anatomy & Neurobiology Basic Science     Judith Edelman 
Anatomy & Neurobiology Basic Science Leslie Fitzpatrick 
Anesthesiology Clinical Candace Gaphardt
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  Basic Science Heather Theis 
Center for Biomedical Engineering & Technology (BioMet) Center Brian Hockenberry 
Center for Integrative Medicine Center Libré McAdory 
Center for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Center Evets Morgan
Center for Vascular & Inflammatory Diseases   Center Teah Mosley 
Dermatology Clinical Betsy Satosky 
Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Clinical Barbara Stewart 
Emergency Medicine         Clinical LaRhonda Butler 
Epidemiology & Public Health Basic Science Hannah Andrews 
Family & Community Medicine Clinical Cathy Malecki
Institute for Genome Sciences Institute Nikki Bilenky
Institute of Human Virology Institute Debi Perrella 
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center Center Toni Tinnirella 
Medical & Research Technology Allied Health Lisa Rodgers
Medicine Clinical Robyn Crandell 
Medicine Clinical Avanika Dave 
Microbiology & Immunology Basic Science Mona Kiriakos 
Neurology Clinical Cheryl Grant-Johnson  
Neurosurgery Clinical Alex Palleschi
OB/GYN & Reproductive Sciences Clinical Rosemary Rheubottom  
Ophthalmology Clinical Amy Kopec 
Orthopaedics             Clinical Ellie Kaszak 
Otorhinolaryngology/Head-Neck Surgery Clinical Charles Schroder
Otorhinolaryngology/Head-Neck Surgery Clinical Mellisa Lantaya 
Pathology Clinical Lisa Rodgers
Pediatrics Clinical Kathleen O'Donnell-Walker  
Pharmacology Basic Science Shalon Edwards 
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science Allied Health Donna Bethke 
Physiology Basic Science Marty Lind 
Program in Biology of Model Systems (IMET)       Program Kimberly Curry 
Program in Comparative Medicine Program Rebecca Forst 
Program in Oncology Program Deja Johnson
Program in Trauma Program Charlene Hudnall  
Psychiatry Clinical Liz Tafida 
Radiation Oncology Clinical Kim Rosko 
Surgery Clinical Karen Carter